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Custom Timbers

LCLH offers Appearance Grade custom cut Timbers with a wide range of sizes and wood species.

Custom Timber Species LCLH Offers:

Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) {WRC}

Western Red Cedar is the most prestige and luxurious log and timber species for custom log and timber cabin homes in the world. With its unsurpassed natural beauty and unique characteristics, pleasant aroma, natural oils to prevent decay and resistance against insects and also holds the highest Thermal Value rating in all log home log species. WRC is the officially tree of British Columbia and the Western Red Cedar Tree and has been referred to “The Tree of Life”

Douglas-Fir (Pseudotuga Menziesii)

Douglas-Fir is one of the best known wood species in the world, primarily grown in British Columbia. It is one of the finest wood species for heavy structural integrity in Log and Timber Homes. It is also commonly required by engineers in place of other log species because of these structural advantages.
It is known for its pronounced straight grain and red-ish heart wood characteristics with little dimensional movement during the drying process which mean finer checks/cracks in the log compared to Pine and Spruce, particularly with the Premium Grade that LCLH selects for building. Douglas Fir is also ideal for log cabin home construction because of the size, length and the consistence of the tree. The have much less taper than allot of other log species. The grain and texture is very appealing that is why it is a commonly used for doors, trims, flooring and siding.