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Western Red Cedar Log Home during construction Custom Handcrafted Post and Beam Log Cabin Home Western Red Cedar Post and Beam Log Home during construction Western Red Cedar Log Cabin Home Post and Beam Log Home Western Red Cedar Log Posts

Handcrafted Scribe Fit Stacked Log Cabin Home

Custom HandCrafted Log Cabin Home

From it’s origins across the great Atlantic, the art of hand crafted log home building has evolved over generations.

We pride ourselves in honoring this timeless craft with our dedication to excellence and passion for quality.

If you’ve long had yearnings for a custom log cabin home with natural grandeur, Lake Country Log Homes is simply your best choice. Call or e-mail us and we’ll help get you started.

Custom Handcrafted log cabin homes offer a unique and rustic contrast to the uniformity of machined logs. Each and every log is custom handcrafted by an experienced craftsman whose labour-intensive efforts reveal the distinctive characteristics of each log. No two logs are the same making your log home or log cabin a unique piece of art.

Handcrafted log homes undergo a series of steps to reveal their natural beauty. First, the log species is selected with a chice of  Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Engelmann Spruce or Pine and then hand peeled to reveal the natural grain of the wood. LCLH master craftsman hand select the logs and decide where each unique log will be used in the home building process

Next, each handcrafted log is hand scribed to ensure a precision fit between each log. Laterals and notches are cut for the corners of your log home using saddle Notch or diamond shaped wedge notching techniques to ensure a superior fit with the log below. The handcrafted logs are then placed according to the log home design and window and door openings are made. Slots and ledge cuts are also made to accommodate frame and finishing materials, and each log is drilled for electrical wiring. Through bolts are installed to align the home during the settling process.

The roof system is one of the final steps in the log home building process. During the design process the roof system is carefully considered and can be made as simple or detailed as the customer prefers. Exterior and interior log trusses are precisely cut to match the home’s unique roof pitch. The final step in the hand crafted log home is the grinding and sanding of all rough edges in preparation for final installation and finishing.